Our History


China Ministries International has celebrated more than thirty years of history.It prides itself as a pioneer of China ministries in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and North America. Our Founding Director, Rev. Jonathan Chao, has developed the three-fold vision of "the Evangelization of China,"; "the Kingdomization of the Chinese Church," and the "Christianization of China." This three-fold mission served as the guiding principle for CMI's theological education ministries. In fact, it continues to influence many people’s missionary objectives. This following is a brief history of China Ministries International:


Year Development
1978 Rev. Jonathan Chao established the Chinese Church Research Center (CCRC). The CCRC published the periodicals China and Churches, and China and the Gospel Bi-monthly, both of which report on the contemporary experience and challenges that confront Chinese churches and advocate for gospel ministry in China.
1983 In Hong Kong, Dr. Jonathan Chao made a radio broadcast program of theology, providing leadership training for China's home churches.
1986 Due to developing need in its ministries, CCRC changed its name into China Ministries International (CMI). In the same year, CMI established its sister branch in Taiwan.
1987 The U.S. branch of China Ministries International was established. The Chinese Mission Seminary was established in Hong Kong. Taiwan's Tao-sheng Theological Seminary reconvened.
1988~1995 CMI continued to establish sister branches in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Korea and the Philippines.
1996 At the eve of the 1997 handover, CMI moved its headquarters and library from Hong Kong to Taipei. CMI-HK became a sister branch.
1997 The Christianity and China Research Center and its library reopened in Taipei and began serving the public.
2004 Founding Director Rev. Jonathan Chao passed away.
2005 Rev. Dr. Edwin Lee became the President of China Ministries International Headquarters. In the same year, the Hong Kong branch reconvened its work.
2007 The International Conference was held in Taipei. China Ministries International changed its corporate structure and allowed for independent development of each sister branch. Each year, an international conference would be held to discuss the overall work objectives. Rev. Dr. Edwin Lee became the president of CMI-HK.
2009 Rev. Dr. Edwin Lee resigned from CMI-HK. Rev. Ronald Yu was appointed the President of the Board of Director of CMI-HK. He was commissioned to restructure the Board of Directors, and to lead new directions in workplace mission with the three-fold mission as guidance, further developing CMI-HK's ministry.
2011 Rev. Ronald Yu served as CMI-HK's pro bono president, and began actively incorporating the three-fold vision in CMI's work.
2014 Rev. Lai-Chung Cheung resigned from his role as the executive officer early in the year. Rev. Jonathan Cheung served as the executive director beginning mid-July.
2016 CMI-HK received a donation from a private foundation to establish the Missional Workplace Discipleship Training Center.
2017 Rev. Jonathan Cheung resigned from his role as the executive director. Rev. Ming-Yip Yuen served as the deputy executive director.
2018 CMI HK celebrates its 40th year anniversary.



Statement of Faith

1. All Scripture is God-breathed. It is God's stalwart truth. It is the only standard by which we measure our faith and lives.

2. The Holy Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are the one trinity God. He is Who He Is. He is the one that we love, respect and glorify.

3. As a consequence of Adam's fall, all men have sinned and are not able to save themselves.

4. Our almighty God has boundless love and mercy. He has chosen lost sinners from all nations of the world to be holy and blameless in Christ. Sinners are saved by the work of the Holy Spirit, they believe that Christ has died for their sake and was raised from death for them.

5. Sinners who are saved by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit believe in the words of the Bible, and accept Christ as their personal savior so that they are reborn in Christ. They accept the Holy Spirit and become God's children, and they are guarded by the Holy Spirit.

6. Sinners are justified by faith in Jesus Christ. They are clothed with Christ.

7. Christians are saved by God’s grace in order to live for God, to bear the fruits of the Spirit, and to do good deeds that glorify the Lord.

8. When Christians die, their souls come forth before God. The unbelievers shall be judged and condemned and be separated from God forever.

9. Baptism and communion are the two sacraments that Jesus Christ has instructed the church, until the day He returns.

10. Jesus Christ shall return anytime. He shall appear in a glorious body, and end human history. Everyone will come forth for judgment. Those who believe shall have eternal life. The unbelievers shall perish forever. Therefore before the return of Jesus Christ, disciples must spread the Good News to the ends of the earth.


China and Churches


The Chinese publication China and Churches bi-monthly was first published in November 1978. Until its final issue in April 1994, the publication has seen 100 issues. In July 1994, it was remade into the China and the Gospel bi-monthly and continued to publish today. At present, the China and the Gospel bi-monthly is published by China Ministries International Taiwan. The CMI Publication Limited has released an e-book: 100 Issues of China and Churches and 36 Issues of China and the Gospel, in 2 DVDs for ease in storage and revisit.




  • Reports on the status and development of home churches

  • Work and testimonies of missionaries

  • The testimonies of overseas Christians visiting China

  • News of the church

  • Research of church history and biographies of key witnesses

  • Mission strategies and training of talents

  • Exploration of Chinese theology

  • Exploration of cults and their practices

  • Christianity and Chinese culture

  • The intellectuals and Christianity

  • The development of the Three-Self Patriotic Church

  • The religious policies of the Chinese Community Party and the relationship between the state and religion

  • Key events and latest news

  • The Democracy Movement

  • Current events analysis and response

  • Devotion theology

  • Chinese hymns, etc.



China and the Gospel

The China and the Gospel bi-monthly is published by CMI-Taiwan. If you would like to subscribe, please contact CMI-HK, and make an offer for subscription (suggested offer is $100 per year for 6 issues), in order to support the publication and mailing costs.

(You may visitCMI-Taiwanto read the electronic version for free)



The Missions & Vocations English Journal and the Chinese Quarterly

The Missions and Vocations Journal is CMI-HK's annual English publication featuring the development of missional workplaces and workplace ministry. It also explores general issues that affect religious practices in China such as developments of religious rights, Christian movements and cults. Since its debut in 2015, the English journal has been published annually and provided free of charge for subscribers. As with its sister publication the Chinese Quarterly, the Missions and Vocations Journal explores the themes of CMI-HK's ministry in great detail.